A Remarkable Remastering of an Art Deco Venue

Photographer Douglas Clouse has visited some of New York’s iconic cultural institutions, including Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But on his latest project, the U.S. is king, and most of the American cities he visits are where the arts happen. Here, Clouse documents the restoration of Massey Hall in Rochester, where a 100-year-old, art deco structure sustained severe damage from Hurricane Irene in 2011 and significant damage from Tropical Storm Lee in 2012. Clouse takes time to see the restoration in person and document the work.

Clouse’s 2015 collection from the exhibit “Of New York” featured images of iconic New York institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Apollo Theater, the United Nations and more. Below, Clouse shares images from “The Rebirth of Massey Hall”:

Massey Hall is getting a complete overhaul, and this is the scale model of the restoration project that was created. It shows how it’s moving into its new space in only a few months. Photo by Douglas Clouse

Massey Hall is replacing its major interior beams to restore the stage to its original shape. Part of the process starts with a careful visual inspection of each piece to ensure everything is in order. Photo by Douglas Clouse

Workers were on site at Massey Hall for the unveiling of the designs of the new stage and stage set. Photo by Douglas Clouse

The restoration plan for Massey Hall includes a new stage set. The set is based on a modern era design, which is updated with frescos and modern light fixtures. Photo by Douglas Clouse

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