Emma Raducanu Interviewed By Kate Bush – and “Gee, He Might Have Had a Chance in the Semifinals If He Got a Break”

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Royal Court: Gee, he might have had a chance in the semifinals if he got a break.

Emma Raducanu in the Athlete’s Finals The Queen of England was quoted saying during an interview that Emma Raducanu had “undoubtedly done an outstanding job” winning the U.S. Open singles title on Sunday. The Queen was seen watching Raducanu’s match on a big screen from her box at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

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Emma Raducanu spoke to Kate Bush on the winners’ podium as Prince Andrew got a special congratulations in after his daughter on the Duchess of York won the Ladies singles in the Amateur Tennis Association.

And Ian O’Neil is at one of the most iconic tennis cities in the world, Arthur Ashe Stadium live from New York City.

Plus Sigourney Weaver, the star of the film “X-Men” discussed the international cultural significance of tennis.

FOX Country on 8/22/2017:

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