Epstein pilot on other flights says he’s “not one of them”

By Gregory Wallace, CNN

The pilot who flew Jeffrey Epstein to meet alleged victim “Victoria” said he remembers her even though they were alone together in the plane, telling prosecutors the pair engaged in sexual activity that included massages.

Pilot Stephen Green made the statements to prosecutors in 2009 and 2010, according to court records obtained by CNN on Wednesday. Green flew the billionaire financier on four private planes.

The allegations were the first public mention of how Green remembered the alleged victims, most of whom were “anonymous” in criminal documents that were later filed in Miami federal court.

Now, the Washington Post is sharing Green’s testimony in court documents unsealed in connection with a lawsuit filed by Epstein and the American Civil Liberties Union over unsealed files made public by federal prosecutors.

The paper quoted Green as saying he had no notes about the alleged sexual encounters between Epstein and Victoria, and therefore did not know the specifics of her accusations.

“In terms of history of all the girls I have flown with, Victoria is not one of them,” Green told prosecutors.

Green told investigators he remembers Victoria well because they were on the same flight that day, the Washington Post said. Green also told prosecutors that Epstein had ordered the women for sex with rich donors and presidential friends, according to court records.

Green’s lawyer, Steve Kraus, told CNN that his client “believes that it’s for the court to make a determination whether or not his statement supports the state’s case.”

CNN reached out to Epstein and his attorneys for comment, but did not hear back.

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