Inside Ferne McCann’s haunted luxury home on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

The Welsh mansion once had a history that recalled King Arthur and his knights, but nowadays it’s full of ghosts. And, of course, national treasure TOWIE’s Ferne McCann.

“There’s certainly ghosts that speak to you,” she says in an excerpt from episode 3, aired today.

The British Celebrity Big Brother housemate introduces the luxury hideaway, and explains that she has experienced psychic readings from strangers. It’s also full of plumbers, chauffeurs, and whoever else shows up to help the star (for about two months, mind you).

TV show host Emma Willis narrates the episode (the 7:45 spot), and explains that over time, “something new” has emerged.

“Everything changes,” she says. “Someone’s attitude changes, a conversation changes, a conversation might get hurt, and some people move out of the house.”

She also describes a showjumper who was once a resident of the castle, who scolded Storm shortly after she was evicted. The show-jumper who mistook Storm for a volunteer she’d requested to run errands—one that left her with no family to look after.

“I didn’t understand why she was screaming at me,” she recalls in her flashback, the voiceover says. “She jumped on my head.”

–Visit Hulu for a full episode of the show.

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