New research finds fake fabric cleaners can leave you stained

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

You’ve scrubbed the scuff marks from the side of your TV, cleaned up the spilled drink and vacuumed the floor.

But there’s one lingering dust buster you may not have touched.

A study by UK firm Cosmetics Threat Contamination Research has found that even a cleaning product known as instant change might not have the impact you’d expect.

The fake powder — which is designed to go on jeans, neckties, jewelry and other clothing items before people spend hours in the shower — could get all over the TV and leave you feeling dirty.

Dr. Maria-Laure D’Avignon, a chemist at the UK’s University of Lincoln, took a dollop of the powder and added a few drops of washing detergent and dipped it into a homemade mixture of water and sea salt.

As soon as she sprayed it, it came off with remarkable speed.

What you’re spraying

Not only did the detergent add to the stickiness of the substance, but it contained triclosan, a chemical that’s been banned in Japan because it can affect hormone production.

Impact on health

A random test by the company revealed that the additive tripled the total number of stains or spots on a wash cloth after three hours, while the impact on people’s health was described as “minimal” by the company.

This isn’t the first time research has pointed to danger in synthetic cleaning products.

In 2013, a US study revealed that ordinary household products — including soap, hair products and fabric softeners — “cause inflammation and immune disruption and can increase the risk of chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.”

The Environment Agency has also warned the heat from the solvent produced by many cleaning products could damage metals and cause changes in DNA and chromosomal structures.

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