Pregnant woman saves neighbor from burning home, survives

A pregnant woman jumped from the window of her burning home in a Utah bedroom, and was able to save her 73-year-old neighbor who was trapped in the home as it burned. “This is the moment that all those years of looking out and hoping for a miracle finally came true,” neighbor Chuck Heim said in a Facebook post after the rescue. The man suffered minor burns on his hands, but was otherwise okay. The pregnant woman, whose name has not been released, suffered minor injuries but suffered more emotional trauma than physical and has been receiving counseling. Utah officials are still investigating the cause of the fire but tell local news outlet KUTV that it may have been sparked by a bedding fire.

“When I opened the door she was on the ground and I grabbed her and helped get her over the fence,” neighbor Cassandra Marie Johnson told KUTV. “I remember them lying on the ground together and the baby laying next to him and [the man] was on top of her, like a box, and I think the smoke just engulfed him and she was definitely scared.”

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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