President Przemyslaw Trnka debuts secret Cabinet makeover

Lawmakers turned out in force in Prague on Tuesday to watch President Milos Zeman make the announcement of Mr. Trnka’s new cabinet. While residents are used to politicians participating in daily televised live interviews, “picnic” makeovers are a much rarer and surreal experience.

Mr. Trnka emerged from the capsule to a rock band singing songs about power and currency. The banners across the landscape also read, “Happy New Year!”

“I am the newest player on the soccer pitch,” Mr. Trnka said later, according to Czech media. “I always dreamt about becoming a soccer player, but there’s no chance for me. In my heart I am still a ballerina, but I don’t even make it to the school dance floor.”

Mihaly Voicilov of the Telegraph says it is possible to “make a squelchy, garbled cup of tea while inside the capsule,” though a general rule of thumb is to try not to get sloshed while inside the pod. Still, Mr. Trnka said he never suffered from ill health, noting: “It is as if I have gone on a holiday in the top of a volcano.”

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