Quebec judge rules ‘dog and pony show’ comment not protected by the Charter of Rights

Earlier this week, Quebec Superior Court Justice Edmond Terrasse, a judge who has served on the Quebec Superior Court since 2010, issued a ruling that brought Trudeau’s invocations of his daughter during a campaign stop back into the spotlight. The judge dismissed a case filed by Caroline Duchesneau, who was heckled as she approached Trudeau while the prime minister was speaking in Laval, Que., earlier this summer.

In his ruling, Terrasse said Trudeau’s use of the now-famous “dog and pony show” comment was speech that is protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and “in no way could it be considered a reasonable comment made by a sitting member of Parliament.”

Meanwhile, Liberal MP Kate Young defended Trudeau’s use of the dog and pony show comment on Twitter, saying, “This doesn’t appear to be a ruling on whether Justin Trudeau’s private life is appropriate for public consumption, or whether it should be private…this ruling is simply a rejection of a woman’s attempt to silence a speaker that she doesn’t agree with.”

Read the full story at National Post.


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