The Story Behind That Iconic Maria Bello Trump Fitting of #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Hat

When I was 14, I got married. I married a much older man, and that’s kind of my main thing to not relive. I don’t regret the marriage at all, I’m really happy. Unfortunately my husband is ill and we do have him. He’s not well enough to go out, but he’s in a fantastic position if he gets better. I haven’t had any babies. I don’t miss it. When I finally do get a baby, it’s all good. [Laughs.] No, I’ve had three or four, a puppy and the 2½-year-old at home. The youngest one is growing up very fast. She’s very loud and very active. She’s really excited to be talking, to be learning. So I get to spend some time with her when I’m not at work.

I have always liked soccer. I grew up in a soccer-loving town. My sisters did my soccer badges when I was 13. I played the weekend before my 11th birthday, playing against people older than me. [Shakes her head.] I don’t know, I’m an oddball. I don’t have any teammates, because I always carry my soccer ball. I go through the only gate I can get through. I don’t even need a locker to put my soccer bag next to it. I carry a soccer ball and leave it there in the lobby.

I get my own spiel out there sometimes, and probably have never told anyone that. But no one is ever in the wrong.

I’m not too sure how this all works and who all these people are, but I guess it’s just me really, being, maybe, annoying.

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