‘The toughest BMX in the world’: Australian woman triumphs at event

A teenage Australian driver from Sydney’s west has proved herself in the world of off-road driving, winning the lead female-only event for Australian and New Zealand driver club BMX Girls on Sunday.

Teenager Jessica Bartlett, 17, trained on the state event circuit and has been racing as a driver’s cousin for the past seven years, according to her company’s website.

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She is a member of the Sydney-based male-only BMX Motorcycle Club, CB Group, which has been around since 2012 and boasts some of the world’s most successful riders.

Bartlett took her sixth-place finish in the opening round of the BMX/BMX Action League in Melbourne on Sunday – her third time competing – to Australian Open BMX/BMX Ladies Championship.

The race was given a closed women’s lane, one of four in the Australian and New Zealand competition in the off-road motorcycling discipline.

Her win means she is the first female to win the opening round of the women’s competition for the CB Group. She and fellow winner Therese Fisher shared $2000 and their respective teams received racing bikes.

BMX will feature in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the first time the sport has been taken off the rollercoaster that is the international circuit.

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