A South African shopping site where artisans and community meet

• To list your product listing on A South African Shopping Site Where Artisans and Community Meet, send an email to a[email protected], offering an image of your product.

• We are looking for artisans in partnership, homebodies and travellers who want to tap into this emerging network.

• They should make us use your product on our site and remain listed with us for six months, before heading off to explore a different continent.

• We are looking for fresher, more youthful businesses and events and parties.

• In order to list your product on our site, we need to see the benefits of our content section through the following criteria:

1. Encourage discussion and community feedback on your product.

2. Bait and switch on the beautiful South African side – showing us not what to buy but instead, what to do.

3. Why use South Africa more than elsewhere?

• To list your product, become a community member and post photos, artwork and videos, within the following guidelines:

• You must be a South African business – community members will not post on South African sites and therefore cannot be billed under South African membership.

• By posting on our site, you are making your product available to the South African community so you also are an A South African Shop Brand as we are an ASB brand.

• One hour of community-generated content per day for six months.

• Photos, videos, products or videos must be relevant to your product.

• If you are offering live photo, video or experiential content, we must be shown that your content is in tune with the ASB community.

• You can become a community member and post up to two photos per week for 12 months.

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