An actress has been arrested in Amsterdam for yelling at men while she’s getting coffee

Ari Lennox, an actress who is based in Amsterdam, was arrested in Amsterdam on Wednesday following allegations of racist acts. The alleged incident occurred as a result of her profanity-laced tirade at a moving party in Amsterdam. The incident began after she started arguing with a group of men when she accidentally bumped into them during a coffee break.

After she was arrested, Lennox was questioned by officers who reportedly questioned her as to her motive for the alleged outburst. It is believed that she may have picked a fight with the men because she wanted the women’s card that was given to her by them. Later, she admitted that the circumstances of the incident did not justify the behavior she displayed during the scuffle.

This is not the first time Lennox has found herself in hot water on a date. In 2009, the actress was arrested after being accused of rape after a date in Chicago. Lennox was acquitted of the charge in 2012 after claiming that her accuser fabricated a story out of jealousy.

Lennox grew up in Liverpool, England. She gained recognition for her role as a transvestite in Downtown Abbey. Her role in Midsomer Murders and the horror film Home (also based in The Netherlands) were considered breakthrough roles.

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