Darian Larrimore shares her story about going public about her affair with one of her coworkers

If you’re at all familiar with The Moth, a beloved radio-based storytelling series, chances are you’ve heard about veteran journalist Darian Larrimore’s unique story. In November of 2013, Larrimore was a panelist on NPR’s TV and radio quiz show Where Things Go Wrong. She tells the story of what happened afterward as the program’s investigative reporters investigate the events that led to her discovery of a secret love affair she had been keeping for years.

ABC News Senior Investigative Reporter Dan Lamothe has just published a book about the investigation, titled What Does the Line Say? When Things Go Wrong and What You Should Know to Prevent Them.

Listen to an episode of The Moth: Loud Speakers below. Below is part of what the reporter had to say about coming forward with the story, what it was like living with her secret secret for years, and how it affected her relationship with her ex-husband. Lamothe also discusses whether or not the scandal affected his career.

For a broad overview of The Moth, here is the organization’s website: themoth.org


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And here is a video interview with the former editor of this blog, the Searing Truth.

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