Drip UK: Coalition calls for MPs to block another Theresa May government

Written by By Meraj Alam, CNN London Written by By Meraj Alam, CNN London Written by Meraj Alam, CNN London

The Democratic Reform Party, a coalition of opposition lawmakers, has responded to the general election of May 2018 with a joint statement denigrating the post-election inauguration of British Prime Minister Theresa May.

In the parliamentary response to May’s official response to last week’s annual government report, the country’s most radical opposition group accused the Conservative government of being in “technical default” of constituting a minority government and of adopting a “very weak and illiberal” approach to Brexit.

The statement calls on the British people to make “a clean break from their Brexit divorce settlement” and to refrain from voting for another Conservative-led government in 2022.

May’s national election victory has been a matter of intense discussion over the past year, with many noting its apparent success in helping the Conservatives retain their overall majority despite continued doubts over the government’s ability to pass legislation.

The 39-page “Commons Report on the Governor of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy” was published by UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Saturday. Read the full report here. Credit: AARON TURNER/REUTERS

After five weeks in office, the prime minister’s minority government managed to secure a majority of only one in Parliament after the snap election was called following the attempted assassination of then-Conservative MP Jo Cox.

However, she subsequently found herself unable to secure the parliamentary votes necessary to pass legislation.

In the joint response to May’s speech, Drip MP Dr Sajad Javid described the government’s recent collection of controversial legislative proposals as the “deconstruction of Britain.”

He said: “The Con Party’s response to Brexit has shown its lack of maturity and understanding of the policy changes needed to make a success of Brexit. Now it must accept that it’s a minority government that it is; that it has no majority in Parliament; and that Parliament is sovereign and that it has the power to cancel Brexit.

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