ELECTRIC SUPPLY EXPLODES AT Michelin-starred restaurant

A Michelin-starred British restaurant has been destroyed by a fire caused by a bad electrics socket.

Firefighters were called to Hornby Plantation, Barnsley, in South Yorkshire at 8pm Thursday, and at first they thought it was just a small fire.

“However, the fire quickly spread to the roof,” said a West Yorkshire Fire Brigade spokesman.

The blaze was brought under control in nine minutes but took another four hours to put out.

A Michelin spokesperson said: “We are so sorry to hear that Miehan’s Kitchen in Barnsley has been destroyed by fire. We send our thoughts to the team and local community and hope that they can put their lives back together as soon as possible.

“I have never seen a Michelin star restaurant in Barnsley but would always be delighted to drop into a lovely venue such as this to sample a delicious meal.”

The restaurant, which used to be popular for its music themed evenings, had been open since 2010, but its menu has since changed.

According to the restaurant’s website, it is “built on reclaimed timber and sourced from independent growers worldwide” and in its former life, the restaurant was “a popular venue for rock shows and live music”.

In the past, Ramsay’s Royal Hospital Road and Pierre Koffmann’s Palace in London have been destroyed by fires.

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