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Vaccines are actually more dangerous than how they’re delivered.

FOX’s Carrie Sheffield reports in this ‘Countdown to the Closing Bell’:

Vaccines are a cornerstone of modern healthcare, but they’re failing and as a result, some are calling for a shift in focus.

Currently, most vaccines include natural behavior modification of a type called antigenic attachment.

James Snyder is co-founder of Moderna Therapeutics, which is developing a vaccine based on an artificial intelligence. The first part of the vaccine goes through the body and activates a gene that releases red blood cells to fight off the disease. It’s a process that took four decades and a lot of money to perfect. But, Snyder says it’s just scratching the surface.

(Snyder) “We are certainly have a lot more to go to keep leading modern medicine forward and bring this the best science forward and working on these artificial vaccines.”

Moderna’s are mostly used to treat rare conditions. They just one hope for delivering a much broader range of vaccines through using machine learning.

This is Carrie Sheffield, FOX News.

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