From Yassify(ing) to LOL Iscool: How to create a variety of Yassify(ing) Memes

For some reason we just can’t fathom, we’re obsessed with Yassify(ing) all of these days. The rest of the internet loves us, too — especially very funny people. So when we stumbled upon Yassify(ing) Memes, we knew it was time to dive in. So just do one thing, and we’ll lay out the process in seconds.

1. Be prepared to have your head explode.

These jokes will make you feel awesome, and if you have excellent self-control, they may even burn through a bucket or two.

2. Accept that there are probably going to be shitty Yassify(ing) Memes.

No, really. They are awful.

3. Be prepared to shut down a smile after you hear a couple bad ones.

Don’t be afraid to stop when you first get started, though, and wait for your time to shine.

4. Be prepared to commit to multiple full-on self-deprecating Yassify(ing) Memes.

4. Be ready to write down each one you hear and store it away for a later date.

Especially if you are a society.

5. Be prepared to do your very best imitation of one of the jokes.

Either by you or your teacher, probably.

6. Be able to read the words “Yassify” and “The Future” and know what they mean.

I think. I don’t know. And that’s OK.

7. Be able to remove this very important word from your vocabulary after a few second.


8. Be prepared to pick a Yassify(ing) Meme that you think is funny and then go against it as many times as you’re comfortable with.

More often than not, that will be enough.

9. Be ready to go through the process over and over, multiple times.

Just kidding, but you should probably at least do this once a day.

10. Acknowledge that sometimes this process will leave you feeling depressed and alone.

But it’s also OK to feel those feelings.

11. Be able to take time to think about it, because the next time it occurs to you, it could totally be funny.

13. Accept that sometimes being a Yassify(ing) Meme sucks.

Yassify(ing) Memes are not the greatest. But they’re not the worst, either.

14. Be patient and let the process play out for a bit, and slowly replace the word Yassify(ing) with something else.

AvoidYassify(ing) Memes.

15. Be able to dump all of your frown-y faces in one place — not literally.

16. Be prepared to just sit there.

Without actually laughing.

17. Be ready to reconsider all of the ridiculous things you thought were hilarious at the time and realize you never really saw it that way in the first place.

We know, we know. It feels awkward. We get it. But it could be funny if you like this game, you guys. You can try it out. It’s a lot of fun.

18. Be willing to maintain your composure when the word “Yassify” is used in some funny context — like during a sentence in a book.

It’s OK. We’re all different.

19. Be prepared to describe a Yassify(ing) Meme in one of a bunch of different terms and never say it again.

We apologize.

20. Celebrate when you turn into a Yassify(ing) Meme like a champ.

Bonus points for being a hypocrite and not cracking a smile while describing a Yassify(ing) Meme.

And the winner is….

19. Be able to create a variety of Yassify(ing) Memes.

…and the winner is…..

20. You get to review your own performance during this process on your own Tumblr.

And get credit for winning!

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