House Majority Leader wants to know who broke into his office

Written by Staff Writer

“I’m shocked and disgusted to find out a member of our caucus had his office broken into over the weekend,” says Luke Messer, vice chair of the GOP House Campaign Committee and a Congressman himself.

According to a House Republican source, the office was hit with fraudulent checks made out to people for approximately $32,000 that were believed to be deposited into accounts at banks in both Michigan and Nevada.

The check for $3,000 was forged with the name and signature of Congressman Moolenaar’s Chief of Staff, and between $5,000 and $10,000 was directed to a Federal Government payroll processing company for a payroll deposit. The supervisor for the employee assumed the payroll deposit came through the House of Representatives Payroll System, and so cancelled the check on Wednesday.

“All of this mess comes from the DCCC trying to shift blame to Republicans for our failures to put a check on terrorism. We have been pushing legislation to open up more access to the cloud for all government employees, which is incredibly important, but would serve to make this situation better for private businesses as well,” Messer explains.

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