In Conversation: Seth Green, actor, comedian and writer – and director of Wreck-It Ralph

Q What makes you tick?

A I love my fans. Who knows? Maybe I’ll live till I’m 100.

Q What drives you?

A I’m a bit of a madman.

Q What keeps you up at night?

A Two of my great joys are the Mary Tyler Moore Show and the last episode of The Carol Burnett Show.

Q What is your biggest regret?

A Forgetting to tell Bob Hope that my award was overstuffed.

Q What is your worst habit?

A I can’t leave the dressing room without saying my lines.

Q What is your biggest achievement?

A Nothing. I love my fans. I couldn’t tell you what has happened yet.

Q Do you have any preoccupations that keep you occupied when you’re not making films?

A Not really. I live at my studio, so I’m not bored much.

Q What is your greatest weakness?

A I don’t have a real weakness. I’m a very proud person.

Q If your life were a film, what would it be called?

A My screenplay, with Arthur Hiller directing.

Q What would you like to have been?

A President of the United States.

Q If your life was a song, who would you like to be singing it?

A Evita.

Q What is your greatest fear?

A I never quite believe in fear. I just laugh it off.

Q Tell us a secret.

A I have to blame that Jello mask on Al Mancini.

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