Queen Elizabeth: Alcohol consumption on the decline

Queen Elizabeth II cut back on drinking during a recent vacation, according to a report in The Telegraph, but a royal sommelier has disputed the claim. A royal sourced has confirmed, however, that despite any waning efforts to promote alcohol consumption, the Queen still enjoys a glass of wine with dinner. The source also said that the Queen prefers to down just a single glass of wine on occasion, since it has a higher content of alcohol than a mixed drink.

In April, the Queen was vacationing in the Scottish Highlands. The Telegraph reported that Kate Middleton’s husband, Prince William, who enjoys smoking cigarettes, also allegedly bought her the occasional wine.

While the queen does not drink alcohol during state occasions, she once said she was not averse to it, writing in her memoirs that she had begun to enjoy, “a little more than [she] should have in the past.” Still, the historian Timothy Brooke-Taylor recently described the “messy and frustrating” way the Queen manages her drinking to the Financial Times, adding, “She does have a handle on it,” and manages to find an appropriate balance between whatever booze she chooses to drink and not to drink, and she remains very cognizant of her temperamental tendencies.

Read the full story at The Telegraph.


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